So I am starting a new job as a European travel leader, and it’s super exciting (WOOHOO). BUT, it also means that for the next couple of months I’m going to be INCREDIBLY busy. There is SO much to do, it’s insane!

I have to put together information on every country in Europe, every city we might visit, or even just drive past, every significant site in that city, I need to have pictures prepared so I can recognise these sites myself (nothing quite so embarrassing as talking at length about the wrong building) and I have to memorise as much of this information as possible, since I won’t have time to do that once I start!

And that’s just the studies. Then there are all the practical stuff, like packing (for which season? I start in spring, but will work through summer and into autumn. And in countries ranging from north to south. Do I pack warm or cool? MY current plan is LAYERS).

Then there is what to pack it in. Backpack or suitcase? After talking to other tour leaders I am leaning towards suitcase.

And then there is the tax-stuff to figure out. I will be hired as an independant contractor for a season at the time, so do I tax to the UK or my home country? I won’t have a permanent residence ANYWHERE while I’m travelling, so what to do??

And then there is finding someone to take over the lease on my apartment, the sooner the better. Already had a viewing, but the ones I thought were suitable said they were looking for something bigger, so may have to try again. I am NOT keen to pay another month’s rent, so fingers crossed I find someone before march.

Then there is the fact that my parents are selling their house and moving south to be close to my brother, sister and myself. And just as they are moving here, I take off travelling. My mum is NOT happy. But I promised to come north for a month before I leave in order to help out with the packing and stuff…but how will I have time??? Not to mention, how can I afford it, with everything I need to buy before I leave???

And my sister needs help with the baby. I have offered to help for the past YEAR, but after a pretty traumatic birth she wasn’t keen on letting anyone help, so now when she is finally taking me up on the offer, I can’t really say no. But every day I lose is stressing me out more and more. Honestly, my shoulders are burrowing into my ears at the moment, I really need to chill.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me.
I will start a travel blog once I’m on the road, but it won’t be active until I have completed the training, since that will be INTENSE and I won’t have time (or wifi) to do any writing while I’m packing a master’s degree-worth of knowledge into my teeny tiny brain in just 6 weeks. Wish me luck!