How to make a dream come true

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have decided to become a tour director/leader (the terminology is a little vague, depending on who you ask). This is a long term project that will take me about a year.

Why is this, I hear you ask?

Because my finances are SHITE! No, they are beyond shite. They have dug down below shite and are resting comfortably on the crusty surface of the cesspool that is bankruptcy. That is a pool I have no desire to swim in!

Anyway, because of this I need some time to get my head above water, pay off my pile of bills, PREFERABLY before they go court-side on me, and then save up enough money to pay for a tour leader course (the one I am looking at is 7 weeks long, takes place in 4 different Asian countries and costs about 6000$. Yeah. Told you I’d need some time.), PLUS a plan for however long it will take me from I finish the course until I actually start a new job. Though the course arranger has partnerships with many top of the line travel companies and have a “job placement guarantee”, I am not taking anything for granted.

I should also like to get into better shape, since many tours, especially adventure tours, requires a certain standard of physical fitness. That last word is not really one I am familiar with, so it will require quite a bit of effort on my part. I am not worried about weight loss, just being able to go hiking for a day without DYING!

I am not saying that I necessarily WANT to lead adventure tours, but it seems a little silly to limit myself even more than my lack of experience already does.

So how to go about this?
First of all, I need to get a job. That one is pretty obvious, and I truly am trying. My CV is bloody impressive, and I am GREAT at interviews. I have honestly never had an interview where I wasn’t offered the position. Huh, I thought back and that is absolutely true, I really haven’t.

But I do need to actually get an interview, and so far I am getting no takers. I will have to review my application letters, and possibly lower my standards. If it is only for a year, I don’t need to hold out for the dream job.

Then, I need to lose the car, I need to pay off my credit cards and I may possibly (perish the thought) need to move back home for a spell. Or at least find some friends or family members willing to put me up for a few months. Rent is such a money-drain, four-five months and I would have the course paid off in its entirety!

Then, I need to get rid of all the STUFF I don’t need. Sell what I can, give away what I can’t, but I need to have WAY fewer belongings than I do today! Of course I can store a few boxes here and there, but if I am going to be living out of a suitcase, or a backpack (and I already have a very expensive one so I may as well finally use it) then it makes sense to get used to living with less.

And I need to keep blogging. Already, it has helped me SO MUCH to have this outlet. I can only imagine that it will be an invaluable support as I go through what is sure to be many long months of frustration and annoyance, with hopefully some happy times thrown in.


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