Finally, some good news!

Nope, still no job. I am waiting to hear back from 11 applications, and my goal is to send out another three today.

BUT, my unemployment benefits FINALLY came through. I have been waiting for over a month since my ex-boss is the most distracted man in the world and I have had to HOUND him to get him to fill out the necessary forms. But today, I got some money in, and as a result I have paid off 5, count ’em, FIVE bills! I feel as if I have lost about 50 kilos! Paying bills, the weight loss program to end all weight loss programs.

Of course I am still majorly behind, I still haven’t paid my rent and there are more bills looming in the distance, but I feel hopeful that I will be able to climb out of this hole I find myself in.

SO, as a reward, and also because there are no distractions there, I am going to my parents cabin for a few days (I know, I am dirt poor, not even money for rent, yet my parents have a cabin. It’s a Scandinavian thing. Watch this video if you’re confused). That means no internet, but also nothing to spend money on. I can hopefully do something productive in terms of writing, since it seems that is the best hope I have of making a little money over the next few months, if none of the jobs I have applied for comes back with a loud, resounding “YES!”

Let’s just say that while I am hopeful, I am not holding my breath.

My self-published novel is free as of today, and until thursday on Amazon, so if you want a little lighthearted, sexy reading, which in no way pretends to be earth shattering but will hopefully make you laugh at least once and squirm in your seat maybe as often as three times, then go download it. It’s free, so what do you have to lose?

See you when I get back from the cabin!





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