The black cloud has LIFTED

Well, okay, not exactly lifted. But I opened all my mail today with barely any hesitation, and out of three envelopes, only two were bills, and of the two bills, ONE WAS ALREADY PAID!

I swear, it gives me an orgasmic pleasure to tear up a bill, safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to worry about it. And the other bill is manageable, I can actually pay it. Don’t think that I am completely out of the woods, I still have 5 bills racking up overdue-fees, AND I haven’t paid my rent this month. I have lived in this apartment for two years though, and the landlord has never before had to worry, so he is being nice and giving me plenty of leeway. If I get back on my feet before the end of November, I should be all right, I just hate to put him in this position. And it’s not exactly ideal for me either.

BUT, I have gotten some good reviews for my erotic romance novel out on Amazon, after I offered it for free the first few days after the launch. Since then, I have even sold a few copies. You know, for MONEY!

(just in case anyone wants to take a looksee, you can find it HERE.)

Trust me, I am not getting rich off it, so far my royalties won’t cover 0,01% of my debt, but you know. It’s a start.

AND, I have an idea for a non-fiction book that I’m quite excited about. They say to write what you know, so I am willing to put it to the test, now that I’ve already dipped my toe into the self-publishing ocean.

Mostly, I just feel as if I can breathe again. For a while there I had to take painkillers (only over the counter stuff, I’m not completely gone) every night just to relax enough to get some sleep. It would literally hurt to breathe, and my neck would cramp up, and life would just SUCK SO HARD!!!

The relief of coming out on the other side of such a dark cloud is immense, and I thank you, all TWO of my readers, for listening to me whine. I promise to write something a little more uplifting from now on.







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