Toilet-diving for treasure

The other day, I dropped my smartphone in the toilet.

It was all quite innocent, I was just coming into the bathroom to wash my hands, I was holding the phone, but the slippery sucker got away from me when I turned toward the sink. Plop it went, right into the toilet bowl.

I immediately, without hesitation, plunged my hand in and pulled it out. I PUT MY HAND DOWN A TOILET BOWL to save a PHONE. I have since spent some time thinking about this, and can honestly say that there is nothing else I own that I would willingly soil my hand for like that. But with the smartphone, I didn’t even stop to think.

After four hours of studiously drying it with a hairdryer, I had to admit defeat, and I hopped the first bus to town to the shop where the phone was bought. It was insured, so I hoped against hope that they could give me a new one right away, but that was obviously naive and stupidly optimistic of me. They had me fill in a claim form, wrapped my beloved in plastic wrap and stuck it all in an envelope so flimsy they had to tape it up. I was then told it would take a week or so for the replacement to arrive, that they couldn’t give me a loan phone to use in the meantime, and they sent me on my way. I want to rant about the poor service I received in the shop, but I was so upset by the idea of being without a phone for a week that my perspective of the situation may have been a little off, so I won’t. Suffice to say, it could have been a LOT better.

Also, how is it that even with insurance, it costs me 65 euros to get the phone replaced??

Already on the bus trip home, I began suffering from withdrawel symptoms. I keep reaching for it, but my pocket is empty. My hand feels too light without it. I MISS MY SMARTPHONE!

I know this will make me seem hopelessly out of touch, but I don’t even own a tablet to tide me over! Just a laptop. It’s like the stone age in my flat at the moment.


One week they said. I am counting the minutes.


2 thoughts on “Toilet-diving for treasure

  1. Funny blog post – I think we can all relate but possibly not had to delve into the toilet for first hand experience. Funny when you think 18 or so years ago we had a home phone and that was out lot!

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    • I know, I remember my father putting an old phone, the kind with the spinning dial and huge handset, in between the front seats of his car, and speaking into it when stopping at lights, pretending to have a car phone, hehe.


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