And just when you thought things were going better…

This morning, I crashed into another car!

My car was parked on a hill, front pointed downward, and since parking is an issue in these parts, it was parked SLIGHTLY illegally overnight. So I wanted to move it, to avoid a 50€ ticket I can’t afford right now. I was tired, and I honestly don’t know what happened, I released the hand break and the cold must have somehow stalled the engine, and that somehow effected (affected? I know, that’s the wrong thing to worry about right now, but grammar matters!) the breaks. I swear, I was STANDING on them, but the car wouldn’t stop once it started rolling downhill. There was another car parked a couple of car lengths down from me, and I was heading for it with no way to stop!

It felt like my heart jumped in my chest, I was terrified. Not that I would die, the speed wasn’t high and the distance was short, but if you’ve read my previous blog posts you will know that I have no car insurance at the moment!

I turned like mad and was able to just clip the front bumper of the car before my own finally rolled to a stop. My car definitely took the brunt of the damage, the plastic around my front light broke like a twig and a metal thingy bent so that my wheel made a terrible sound as it scraped along it. Renault. Need I say more. The other car, a Toyota, barely had a scratch!

But it DID have a scratch. A few, in fact. No bumps, thankfully, but a plastic decoration thingy came off, and the paint was scraped off in places.

Now it was early. I might have gotten away with it had I just driven off, but my better nature got the better of me. I am still kicking it, cause I CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY FOR THIS!!!

I left a note, wrapped around the plastic thingy, apologising for the damage, explaining about the accident and offering to pay for the repair (how, I have no idea), along with my contact details. I took pictures of the damage, not being a complete idiot, and I am hoping the car owner will let me create some sort of payment plan, 10€ a month for infinity.

I SOOOOOOO didn’t need this right now! Honestly, I just want to sit in a corner and cry. But I have a genuine chance to make a little money today, and have to clean up my apartment for my client (NO, I have not become a prostitute, how dare you! Head out of gutter, please). I am doing a skincare consultation, the client is coming for a makeover and hopefully to buy some products.

SO, I can’t even have a proper pity-party. I just hope that the other car owner will appreciate my honesty and understand my financial situation enough for us to come to some arrangement (again, not a prostitute! I meant a payment plan. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself).

It just feels like I took a step forward, only to be DRAGGED, kicking and screaming, two steps back.

Please tell me that things will get better. And if you could possibly tell me how and when, that would help also.


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