Random thought

Do flies poop?

It’s late autumn, and the last fly of the summer season has found its way into my apartment. As long as it doesn’t get into my food, I don’t really mind, but I can’t help but wonder if it is leaving tiny “gifts” all over the place. Maybe it has a designated spot it likes to go on?
 You know how cats and dogs and hamsters are essentially cleanly and will go in one spot rather than spread the poop around? Well, is it the same for flies? Or do they just go number two any place they feel like? After all, they fly, so it isn’t like they have to worry about stepping in the stuff. When I brushed my little housefly off my arm yesterday, did it use me as a toilet?
I have never seen a fly with an asshole, but in fairness, I have never really studied a fly’s bottom.
It seems rude.

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