Weird jobs #2

I once worked for a search engine (not the one that starts with a G, just so we’re clear) and my job was “content review”.

Basically, that meant that I had to review the content of websites using our adwords option, the ones that wanted to pay for premium placement, to make sure they adhered to our rules and regulations. So if you search for a word, a bunch of websites have a bidding war for the search word you have typed in, and the winner gets first place in your search results.

Well, there are a lot of different websites out there that use this service, but it should surprise nobody that about 70% of the sites I reviewed were porn sites. And the remaining 30% were mostly gambling-related.

There were one or two exceptions, like the one with “horse cock” in the url, that turned out to be a support network for men with giant penises (from what I read, it’s not as much fun as one might think).

Or the stop smoking website that for some reason placed a bid on the search term “women with hairy nipples” (it takes all kinds to make a world, I say).

My training for the job included a whole day lecture on the term “gangbang”, and whether or not it was too graphic to be allowed in the site description (the one you see on the search engine after your search). The rules included things like “no incest”, “no beastiality” and “no children depicted in a sexual context”.

I never came across any examples of the last one during my time there, but I had colleagues that did. The worst I ever had was a woman with a horse. Fill in the blanks, or better yet: Don’t. This is the only job I’ve had where there was a mandatory psych eval every three months. I never had any truly traumatic experiences, if you disregard the fact that this was an open-office environment, and absolutely everybody could see what you were working on. The first couple of months were mortifying, but you get desensitised pretty quickly.

I didn’t last a full year, not long enough to see something I could never un-see (woman-with-horse aside), just long enough to get some funny stories out of it. I think that’s plenty long enough.

PS: I don’t know HOW I am going to tag this post…


3 thoughts on “Weird jobs #2

    • Lol, yep, I am full of useless knowledge. I know that the red star in Orion’s shoulder is called Betelgeuse, that avocados can be frozen if you mash them with a little lemon, and that many French scholars believe that Joan of Arc was never in fact burned at the stake, but was instead exchanged for British prisoners. But I can never remember the useful stuff, like German grammar or the difference between AM and PM (seriously! 7 years in Ireland, and I still can’t remember which is which! Total blindspot).


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