Exciting news!

So remember I talked about maybe taking a course to become a tour director/tour leader??

Well, I decided to just apply for a job instead, and see what happened. And I GOT THE JOB!!!! I start this summer, as a European Tour Leader for a leading travel agency. I will get 6 weeks of training, where I will get to travel all over Europe and learn SO MUCH. I can’t wait, I am so excited!

There is a lot that has to happen before I can go, I have returned the car, for one thing, and am trying to sort out a downpayment plan on my debts, they are massive and will take a year or more to pay off. The interest is killing me! I am quitting my apartment, will put it up online tomorrow (maybe tonight) to try and find someone to take over my lease, and then I will mooch off friends and family for a few months, before I head to London to start training.

I feel as though things are finally falling into place, and I am SO HAPPY! And stressed, I hate moving and this is a huge change which is always scary, but mostly I am happy and excited!

Now I will have to start a travel blog!


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